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Our company recently had our annual Convention in Calgary. The highlight of the weekend is the Gala Awards on Saturday night. We dine, give out numerous awards and have some kind of entertainment. This year we had Martin “hypnotize” us. He had the crowd entranced from the start. He seems to have no problem manipulating the group to stay quiet while performing his magic. It still is unbelievable to me that people can be hypnotized as easily as he had some. All our people laughed at his antics while making his subjects do all kinds of funny things. At no time did he do anything that anybody was uncomfortable with. He was punctual and came early to set up. He had his own equipment and an assistant was present to help with the evening. I would recommend Martin to any organization that wishes to use his services.

Totally Tropical Interiors ~ Calgary, AB


Hi Martin, I'd like to thank you for the show you did on June 28/04. Although the group ended up being a bit smaller than anticipated you still managed to put on a great performance that kept everyone laughing all night. A lot of the feedback I received in the days to follow was very positive and all said they would like to see another show. Some of the women who had seen other shows mentioned they liked your show in particular because of they way you managed to keep everyone well entertained without resorting to making those involved in the show do anything distasteful or overly embarrassing. I'm sure that a lot of work went into changing your show to accommodate the female only audience for our "girls night out" theme, so again I'd like to thank you and I hope to see another show soon.

Deanna Jones Dress Club ~ Edmonton, AB

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